Saturday, December 19, 2009

Good News for Christmas

December 5th was the Annual Christmas Parade in Millbrook, which always offers the opportunity for vendors to set up booths in the Village Green Park. This marked the 5th year we've had the privilege to participate with our own booth - not to sell our wares, but to give away free items for children and adults. Balloons, Candy Canes, and a gentle reminder of the One who is the "Reason for the Season" - and the Good News that that means to us.

Some dear friends were present to help with the distribution of gift bags - a simply decorated bag that included a wallet calendar for 2010, a candy cane, and a little pamphlet with the "Story of the Candy Cane" printed in it. We also had brochures for the chapel for those interested, and free balloons for the children.

It was bitter cold, and traffic was sparse most of the morning. One might wonder, "Is this worth all the trouble?" Our answer came from a vendor who came by our booth and said, "You are always so good to do this each year. You never know who needs to receive this." And we don't. But we do know that many DO need to hear the Good News of Christmas - and of the Lord Jesus who came to be our Savior.