Thursday, July 17, 2008

Brookings, SD Update 7/17/08

From Larry Sax:

Dear Saints,

Please continue to pray for the working of the Lord in people's hearts in Brookings, SD. We thank our Lord for all the good opportunities he has provided for the gospel thus far.

Last week we studied Haggai and considered the direction from the Lord to "build my temple". This week we are seeking to see "living stones" added to the building of God. We had a few good days of gospel work and the Lord has provided excellent opportunities for the gospel. We prayed for the Lord's preparation of hearts and situations for the presentation of the gospel. This prayer has been answered. We are encountering many people who have recent situations that are causing them to consider eternity. Thus far 15+ people who have voiced interest in being part of a Bible study. The crew of workers here is not that large (~20-25), but the Lord is at work. We trust the Lord will allow us to be involved in the planting, watering, harvesting, encouraging and restoring process during the next few weeks and beyond. Yesterday was an especially good day with almost every group having two or more solid contacts that will require follow up visitations.

Kid's Club -
Fourteen children were at kid's club yesterday. Mrs. Moffitt is doing a five part gospel series during the week. Please pray for conviction of sin, salvation of souls, and lack of distractions. Some of the children who are attending were at the Good News Club during the school year and others are new.
Please pray for the kid's club that will occur next week also.

The following people appear to be very close to placing their trust in Christ and are considering the gospel message.
Isaac, Josh, Trevor, Jack, Amy, Marie.

Pray for salvation and more contact for the following people
Andrea - mother of four who read the information in the gospel packet.
Brad - was the first person at the home of a young boy who died a week ago. Pray for his salvation.
Troy - heard the gospel and was willing to have another visit.
Josh - very interested reading material that will convince him the God is real and the Bible is true. Pray for his salvation
George - Catholic man who is interested in the gospel message.
Tyson - young boy who is interested in the gospel.
Josh - interested in having someone stop back to visit.
Terry - did not have time, but wants someone to talk with him more about the gospel. He read the packet and agreed with it.
Kevin - an agnostic who was given "In Search of God" book.
Sarah & Ray - wife wants us to stop back when her husband is around. She wants him to hear the message also.
Yung & Lilly - Chinese couple new to the US.
Angela - pray for salvation
Tammy - she knows she is going to hell and is willing to talk more. Pray that we will be able to find her at home.
Spike - an engineer who does not believe the Bible. He needs proof. Pray for him as he reads "In Search of God"

Believers needing encouragement
Peggy Sue -
Yolanda - dealing with struggles in her life. Pray for more contact.
Zach - agree to a Bible study with Judah

Please be praying for continued energy, encouragement, unity and glorification of the Lord. Also, be praying for evening meetings that will occur July 22-24th. The gospel will be presented against the backdrop of trials and sufferings in life.

In Him,
The Brookings Outreach crew

Monday, July 14, 2008

Brookings, South Dakota outreach

check out

Dear saints,
Please be praying for the work of the gospel in Brookings the upcoming two weeks. The Lord has brought together a crew of about 20-30 believers to carry the gospel to Brookings, SD. We are trusting our Lord to open doors, touch the hearts of the unsaved, restore believers and encourage those who are walking with the Lord. Your prayers are an important part of this labor. The past week of preparation activities has gone well. In the mornings the thirteen people here for the outreach have been studying Haggai and Hebrews 1-4. These have been sweet times of viewing the beauty of our God andSavior. It has been encouraging to see the young people spend their late evenings sitting on couches or congregated together reading and studying for the next morning sessions asking themselves questions like... How can we contribute to the building of the Lord's house? What will be evidences of the Lord being with us in the work of the gospel during the next few weeks? Are we like Israel? They delayed in building the temple for many years before Haggai spoke to them; are we delaying in doing the work of being involved in the building of God's temple? What do we learn about the beauty of Christ in this chapter of Hebrews? What should our response be to all that He has done for us? Are we diligent to enter into His rest or do we act in unbelief? Etc.

This past week we prepared gospel packets with the help of local believers from Sioux Falls. We distributed invites to children's clubs at two parks. We prepared supplies for the next two weeks of evangelism. Along the way the Lord has provided opportunities for the gospel. Bob met a young man by the name of Robby B. who is interested in Bible study and visiting with someone about the Lord. Derrick is open to someone calling him to talk more about the gospel. Angela wants someone to visit her and discuss the Bible. Please pray for the salvation of these individuals and open doors for further contact with them.

Please pray for the following items during the next two weeks.

1. Open doors for the gospel.
2. Holiness in the lives of those doing the work.
3. Glorification of Christ in all the activities.
4. Working of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of believers and the unsaved in Brookings.
5. Wisdom, insight and grace to respond to situations and people during the upcoming weeks.
6. Discernment to do what the Lord would have us to do.
7. Unity among those doing the work of the gospel in Brookings.

Your labors together with us through prayer are highly valued and have an impact. We look forward to the time spent together and one day rejoicing together as we see the fruit from the upcoming proclamation of the gospel. In Christ, Brookings outreach crew

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Happy Family

Here is one of the pictures posted today on the Rosborough's blog - John-Nathan with them in Guangzhou. The orphanage is behind them, they have flown to this new province, visa'a have been secured, final paperwork accomplished. Catch up on everything daily at their blog Prayer for John-Nathan, who seems to be having some grieving occaisionally from leaving the orphanage, is appreciated. This is a tremendous adjustment for him, and by and alrge seems to be doing very well. Julianna is still a bit under the weather, something that has bothered her for several days now. The big trip home comes next week! Prayer, of course, is appreciated for that as well.