Sunday, December 28, 2008

"Given to Hospitality"

Our recipe/hospitality book, published by Gospel Folio Press, arrived here Dec. 23rd. Compiled by ladies at the chapel and contributed to by ladies around the world, the theme of the book is to encourage believers to use their homes for Christ. With many helpful hints and tips, we trust it will be a ready resource for many.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rosboroughs update

Go to and get updated on John-Nathan's pending spinal cord surgery (October 6) and read and see pictures from the last 4-1/2 months of life in these United States!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cattle Congress outreach Sept 18-21

This prayer request comes from the Collins in Waterloo, Iowa who meet with the saints at Bethany Bible Chapel in Cedar Falls.
Please pray for the effort at the National Cattle Congress again this year. Cattle Congress is our local fair which will run Sept 18th through the 21st. We usually offer a baggie with tracts, a pen or magnet with a verse on them and a cookie. This year we are also including a card offering them individual Bible studies or small group Bible studies if they are uncomfortable going to an assembly building and have questions about the Bible.
As per usual when doing something for the Lord, Satan does his best to hinder. There have been typing errors that have to be corrected and other things that have to be attended to that take up valuable time in getting ready for this project. Our prayer is that hearts will be prepared to receive the message, and that there will be a response to the offer of Bible studies.
We are also praying that the Lord will give us the necessary freedom from Satanic meddling so we can compete this without further complications. We are also praying for needed help so that the booth can be manned effectively. We are preparing about 1500 baggies. We valued your prayer last year and would again appreciate you partnering with us in prayer for this outreach.
Bruce Collins, Waterloo, IA

Hurricane Ike update - 9:00AM Saturday

Update on Jonathan & Sarah Lee -
Their home in Pearland, TX is due south of Houston, south of the outer by-pass. They lost power about 8:00PM Friday night -heavy storm winds started about 2:30AM til 6:00AM Saturday morning. They slept(?) in their closet. Still raining @ 8:00AM, as back of the eye wall passed over. They still had cell phone service this morning @ 8:00AM, but are trying to conserve battery life.
Jonathan's brother, Matthew & his new wife, Emily, evacuated their home at Clear Lake, TX, which is closer to the coast. Early reports on Clear Lake indicate widespread flooding, but no specific reports regarding Matthew's home.
Many of the believers who fellowship at Manvel Bible Chapel (also south of Houston, and where Jonathan & Matthew fellowship) evacuated, and several of the believers lived down near Galveston.
Thnak you all for your prayers - more to come as the storm passes through this afternoon.
Scott & Kathy Leach

Monday, September 8, 2008

Needham Women's Conference Notice

Eighth Annual Women’s Conference

Needham Bible Chapel

September 20, 2008


Mary Lou Phelan

Nashville, TN

9:30am Coffee and Snacks

10:00am First Session

12:00 Noon Lunch

1:00pm Second Session

There is no charge for this Conference

Contact Lavon Bonner

2081 Bonner Town Road

Needham, AL 36915



Saturday, September 6, 2008

Ron & Carrie Young

Ron & Carrie Young, Missionaries to Albania, were commended to the Lord's work by the assembly in Alamosa, CO in 1989. They have visited with us twice in the past, and we look forward to Ron's visit this month. He likely will be accompanied by one of his sons, and will be speaking both in the morning and evening meetings on September 21.

Regarding Albania, Wikipedia reports the following: "The totalitarian regime, which took control of Albania after World War II, suppressed religious observance and institutions and entirely banned religion to the point where Albania was officially declared to be the world's first atheist state. Although religious freedom has returned to Albania since the regime's change in 1992, the majority of Albanians today do not practice any religion whatsoever, but affilate themselves with one of the four traditional religions."  An obvious call to pray for the Lord's work there.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rockville, MD Outreach - Prayer Requested

In the will of the Lord, there will be a gospel outreach in the Rockville, Maryland area, this Saturday, August 23. We are thankful to the Lord of the harvest for the laborers that He has raised up for this work. Several of the believers from Rockville Bible Fellowship will be going door-to-door in one of the neighborhoods close to the hotel where the Sunday and Wednesday meetings are normally held. Seed sower packets consisting of a John 3:16 picture Scripture text, along with a copy of the "Uniqueness of Christianity" CD and other literature based on the Word of God will be offered/shared.
The "CHRIST died for you" team is scheduled to meet briefly at the hotel at 10:00 am for prayer, group assignments and supplies. The team will then proceed out into the harvest from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm. Lunch will be served at a nearby park at 1:30 pm. The team will then go back out into the field from 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm.
We would greatly appreciate your prayers to our Lord for this outreach.
Please pray for the following items:
Glorification of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Prepared hearts to hear the gospel.
Working of the Holy Spirit to convince of sin, righteousness, and judgment.
Holiness in the lives of those working together during the outreach.

In the Lord Jesus Christ,
The "CHRIST died for you" outreach team

Friday, August 15, 2008

Ken Hardisty update - 8/15/08

We finally arrived HOME in Baguio yesterday. Joyce is a bit worn out from the trip, and a bit sore, but doing well. Being home will go a long way toward her healing... It is so nice to be back in our own place and back to the quite and coolness of the mountains. We are planning on laying low for a couple of days and let Joyce rest. We are looking forward to seeing the saints at Navy Base on the Lord's day. Thank you all so very much for your prayers, it is nice to be on THIS side now of all the surgery etc....Ken

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Deep South Familiy Youth Camp - update

Please remember the following young people before the Lord: Ashley Miller, Brooke Scott, Addie Smith, and Morgan & Russell Kelly. These five, as well as perhaps others, professed to trust the Lord Jesus as Savior at the recent youth camp.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Update from Ken Hardisty 8/6/08

Thank you all for your prayers. We went to the oncologist last evening and learned that he had removed 47 lymph nodes during Joyce's surgery last week. All 47 are cancer free, for which we are thanking the Lord. Ken

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Joyce Hardisty Surgery Update 8/2/08

From Ken Hardisty:

"Greetings to you all. This has been a challenging week for us. Joyce entered the hospital on Tuesday afternoon. After a battery of tests she was all set for her surgery on Wednesday. We both slept well Tuesday night having committed the following day’s surgery into the hand of our Lord.

Wednesday morning at about 5 AM the doctors and assistants came to take Joyce to the OR. She left the room at about 5:30, and I did not see her again until almost 5 PM. The surgery began at 6 AM and was in two phases. The first phase lasted three hours, the second phase was an additional 6 hours, so she did not leave the OR until about 3 PM, nine hours later. She was in the recovery room until a little before 5, when she was finally rolled back into the room, awake but still a bit groggy. It was sure good to see her again. After the first phase the oncologist visited me in the room to let me know that his phase was completed and that it went well. He mentioned that a few of the lymph nodes, that he removed, were a bit inflamed. So we are awaiting the results of the biopsy. After the second phase that surgeon also came and visited with us to let us know that his part went very well. So we thank the Lord for the good work of these fine men, instruments in the Lord’s hand for this moment in our lives.

Larry and Kim had come down from Cainta to spend the day with me and keep me occupied, and I was certainly thankful for them. They were there to greet Joyce as well when she was rolled into the room.

It is now Saturday afternoon here and Joyce was released from the hospital this morning and is resting here at Rose Brooks’ home in San Juan, just about a ¼ mile from the hospital. She is still a bit weak but doing very well. She still has several drains in and we have to care for them for the next week or so, but other than that this phase of things is finally over. Thank you all so much for praying. We will be remaining here in the Manila area for at least another week or two depending on the doctors and Joyce’s progress. We have a follow-up visit on Monday with one surgeon and Wednesday with the other. We long to be back home in the mountains, but the Lord’s timing is best. We will look to Him for His guidance.

We will keep you updated. Thank you so very much for uplifting us in prayer…we certainly have felt HIS presence."

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Brookings, SD Update 7/17/08

From Larry Sax:

Dear Saints,

Please continue to pray for the working of the Lord in people's hearts in Brookings, SD. We thank our Lord for all the good opportunities he has provided for the gospel thus far.

Last week we studied Haggai and considered the direction from the Lord to "build my temple". This week we are seeking to see "living stones" added to the building of God. We had a few good days of gospel work and the Lord has provided excellent opportunities for the gospel. We prayed for the Lord's preparation of hearts and situations for the presentation of the gospel. This prayer has been answered. We are encountering many people who have recent situations that are causing them to consider eternity. Thus far 15+ people who have voiced interest in being part of a Bible study. The crew of workers here is not that large (~20-25), but the Lord is at work. We trust the Lord will allow us to be involved in the planting, watering, harvesting, encouraging and restoring process during the next few weeks and beyond. Yesterday was an especially good day with almost every group having two or more solid contacts that will require follow up visitations.

Kid's Club -
Fourteen children were at kid's club yesterday. Mrs. Moffitt is doing a five part gospel series during the week. Please pray for conviction of sin, salvation of souls, and lack of distractions. Some of the children who are attending were at the Good News Club during the school year and others are new.
Please pray for the kid's club that will occur next week also.

The following people appear to be very close to placing their trust in Christ and are considering the gospel message.
Isaac, Josh, Trevor, Jack, Amy, Marie.

Pray for salvation and more contact for the following people
Andrea - mother of four who read the information in the gospel packet.
Brad - was the first person at the home of a young boy who died a week ago. Pray for his salvation.
Troy - heard the gospel and was willing to have another visit.
Josh - very interested reading material that will convince him the God is real and the Bible is true. Pray for his salvation
George - Catholic man who is interested in the gospel message.
Tyson - young boy who is interested in the gospel.
Josh - interested in having someone stop back to visit.
Terry - did not have time, but wants someone to talk with him more about the gospel. He read the packet and agreed with it.
Kevin - an agnostic who was given "In Search of God" book.
Sarah & Ray - wife wants us to stop back when her husband is around. She wants him to hear the message also.
Yung & Lilly - Chinese couple new to the US.
Angela - pray for salvation
Tammy - she knows she is going to hell and is willing to talk more. Pray that we will be able to find her at home.
Spike - an engineer who does not believe the Bible. He needs proof. Pray for him as he reads "In Search of God"

Believers needing encouragement
Peggy Sue -
Yolanda - dealing with struggles in her life. Pray for more contact.
Zach - agree to a Bible study with Judah

Please be praying for continued energy, encouragement, unity and glorification of the Lord. Also, be praying for evening meetings that will occur July 22-24th. The gospel will be presented against the backdrop of trials and sufferings in life.

In Him,
The Brookings Outreach crew

Monday, July 14, 2008

Brookings, South Dakota outreach

check out

Dear saints,
Please be praying for the work of the gospel in Brookings the upcoming two weeks. The Lord has brought together a crew of about 20-30 believers to carry the gospel to Brookings, SD. We are trusting our Lord to open doors, touch the hearts of the unsaved, restore believers and encourage those who are walking with the Lord. Your prayers are an important part of this labor. The past week of preparation activities has gone well. In the mornings the thirteen people here for the outreach have been studying Haggai and Hebrews 1-4. These have been sweet times of viewing the beauty of our God andSavior. It has been encouraging to see the young people spend their late evenings sitting on couches or congregated together reading and studying for the next morning sessions asking themselves questions like... How can we contribute to the building of the Lord's house? What will be evidences of the Lord being with us in the work of the gospel during the next few weeks? Are we like Israel? They delayed in building the temple for many years before Haggai spoke to them; are we delaying in doing the work of being involved in the building of God's temple? What do we learn about the beauty of Christ in this chapter of Hebrews? What should our response be to all that He has done for us? Are we diligent to enter into His rest or do we act in unbelief? Etc.

This past week we prepared gospel packets with the help of local believers from Sioux Falls. We distributed invites to children's clubs at two parks. We prepared supplies for the next two weeks of evangelism. Along the way the Lord has provided opportunities for the gospel. Bob met a young man by the name of Robby B. who is interested in Bible study and visiting with someone about the Lord. Derrick is open to someone calling him to talk more about the gospel. Angela wants someone to visit her and discuss the Bible. Please pray for the salvation of these individuals and open doors for further contact with them.

Please pray for the following items during the next two weeks.

1. Open doors for the gospel.
2. Holiness in the lives of those doing the work.
3. Glorification of Christ in all the activities.
4. Working of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of believers and the unsaved in Brookings.
5. Wisdom, insight and grace to respond to situations and people during the upcoming weeks.
6. Discernment to do what the Lord would have us to do.
7. Unity among those doing the work of the gospel in Brookings.

Your labors together with us through prayer are highly valued and have an impact. We look forward to the time spent together and one day rejoicing together as we see the fruit from the upcoming proclamation of the gospel. In Christ, Brookings outreach crew

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Happy Family

Here is one of the pictures posted today on the Rosborough's blog - John-Nathan with them in Guangzhou. The orphanage is behind them, they have flown to this new province, visa'a have been secured, final paperwork accomplished. Catch up on everything daily at their blog Prayer for John-Nathan, who seems to be having some grieving occaisionally from leaving the orphanage, is appreciated. This is a tremendous adjustment for him, and by and alrge seems to be doing very well. Julianna is still a bit under the weather, something that has bothered her for several days now. The big trip home comes next week! Prayer, of course, is appreciated for that as well.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rosboroughs: T minus 7 (days)!

Dear beloved family and friends,
The countdown now is at 7 days. Suitcases are being laden with every possible necessary contingent item--and a few clothes for ourselves, too! The rest of the week will be spent checking the scales and deciding what needs to stay home! Next Tuesday we will be on a plane, several planes...
From this point forward, we do not plan to send out "blanket" emails; rather, should you choose to follow our journey, you may do so at We don't promise anything fancy--just a simple journal of our trip (with a picture here and there!). I believe that you can send us messages that way, too, by commenting on a posting.
Also, if you would be interested in talking to us on the phone while we are there, we have set ourselves up with Skype, an Internet phone service, which we hope to be able to use in China. It is very user-friendly and best of all it's FREE to acquire and FREE to use computer-to-computer. (There is a nominal charge when calling a non-computer phone number.) Of course you will need a microphone--either built-in or external. You can see the details at (No, I'm not a Skype salesman...) What's more, if you have a webcam, Skype will also support the video link for free -- pretty cool! Even if you don't have one, you will be able to see us, even if we can't see you. We will be at pcrosborough on Skype, so give us a call--and remember that we will be 13 hours ahead of CST.
Most importantly, please continue to pray for God's blessing on this voyage. He has lead us thus far, and we continue to depend on Him to bring this adoption full circle. The more we learn about John-Nathan's current home, the more we want to get him here instead.
With love,
The Rosboroughs

Friday, June 13, 2008

Update from the Rosborough's 6/12/08

We're one step closer to getting on a plane! We just received our Travel Approval (a Chinese document) today--a real answer to prayer! Now our agency can request our exit appointments at the U.S. consulate. We should know those dates by early next week. Keep praying for just the right timing in all things. Our best guess at travel is leaving the States on Tuesday July 1st, returning from China on Thursday the 17th.
Thank you all for your prayers, support and interest thus far, expressed in in so many different ways. Your love and excitement has been a real source of encouragement for us!
The Rosboroughs

Home Call

Narayan Paul Sreekulam (A.P.) - India

We have been praying for brother Narayan Paul (74 years) Sreekulam, who was in coma for the last few days. Narayan Paul went to be with the Lord at 8:15 PM (Indian Time) Thursday, June 12, 2008.

He labored for our Master in the Tribal Areas of A.P. - Srikakulam for over 35 years. He was critically ill due to attack of cerebral malaria and jaundice and was admitted in ICU in a private hospital in Visakhapatnam (A.P.). But it was well pleasing to our Master to put an end to his
earthly sufferings and call him Home where there is no pain, no sorrow, no tears, no sickness and no death.

As Paul said, he has fought the good fight, finished the race, and kept the faith. Let us uphold the grieving family members, his wife Grace Paul, son Timothy, daughters Phoebe and Hephsiba (Arizona-USA) to the Throne of Grace. May the Lord bestow upon them Heavenly grace, peace and strength and console them with the Word of God.

The funeral will take place on Saturday, June 14.

A G Jacob Vizag

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Prayer Request

The following prayer request was received from Steve Rusk.


One of India's most outstanding and much used of the Lord full time evangelist, Narayan Paul, is in a coma in a hospital in VISAG, eastern India. He is suffering from Cerebral Malaria. A team of excellent doctors are doing everything possible to save him, but with no significant response.

Our brother Narayan laboured for 12 years before seeing a breakthrough among the Sora tribal people in Eastern India. The Lord used him to plant over 50 assemblies and a number of other ministries, including a famous hospital.

Narayan's youngest daughter also died of cerebral malaria and three weeks later his grandson also died of the same disease. A second daughter, joined her father's ministry and within a short while also died of a dreadful disease. Her brother Timothy, father of the little boy who died, walks in his father's footsteps as an evangelist among the same tribal group. He just spoke to me on the phone, from his father's bedside in the ICU, and asked me to solicit prayer, URGENTLY for his father. It will take a miracle to see his father recover and walk the Sora hills again. That's why we request your participation in prayer at this time.

This family has paid a huge price to reach the lost. Please make an effort to uphold Narayan Paul before the Lord, as well as his dear wife Grace, who suffers from a heart condition, his son Timothy and the rest of their family as well as the team of doctors.

Many thanks, on behalf of a great family whose sacrifice and service have challenged my life time and time again.

Ron Penny

Friday, May 30, 2008

South Dakota Outreach

Dear saints,

Please continue to be in prayer for the work of the gospel in Brookings, SD. If you are planning to attend the outreach July 7-26, please go to and register so we can arrange housing needs and make other necessary plans.

We have been running a series of ads in the newspaper - "Is there a God?"; "Is the Bible reliable?", "What does the Bible say about man?" and "Is God concerned about man's problem?" We will be running a last ad the week before the outreach, "How can I benefit from God's remedy for man's problem?" Pray that the Lord will use these ads to cause people to think about their sins and need for a Savior. We have received some inquiries as a result of the ads and trust hearts are being prepared for the gospel.

Below are a few specific things for prayer.

1. Working of the Spirit in the lives of people in Brookings.

2. Leaders in the Brookings community - salvation and good working relationship with them during the outreach.

3. Workers for the outreach - ask the Lord to bring those whom He desires to have be part of the outreach. Pray for holiness in their lives. Pray for a great burden for souls in their lives.

4. Housing - pray for the Lord's provision. We are asking the Lord to provide a few campers and one or two homes in the Brookings community for use during the outreach. We are trusting the Lord will find a way to allow us to provide housing for everyone - "Who goes to warfare at his own expense."

5. Gospel literature - pray for timely arrival of the literature and the Lord's blessing as it is distributed.

6. Kid's clubs - pray for those who will teach the Bible lessons and the helpers.

7. The Lord's provision for all of the various needs - workers, meals, receptive hearts, wisdom, gracious interaction with the community, unity among the workers, etc.

8. Opportunity to have a literature table in front of the Walmart store during the outreach.

Notes of praise -
* The Lord directed us to a building which we can use for $75 a day. We will use it for our morning Bible lessons, breakfast, prayer times and evening gospel meetings. We will be able to use it as a meeting place after the outreach also.

* The Lord is allowing us to meet more of the families of children who attended the Kid"s Club at Hillcrest Elementary School in Brookings. Thus far they have responded warmly to us.

In Him,
Larry Sax

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cross Canada (C3) Team

Cross Canada Cruisers or "C3" is a Canadian ministry for college-age men to receive field training in evangelism and to be servants to all people. In doing this, they will be able to show God's love in an effective way. Another goal of this program include the encouragement of New Testament local churches to pray more and to be effectively involved in their local

The group of young men travel in two teams, each with experienced mentors. Their road trip extends over 5 months (May - Oct) from the East and West coasts of Canada towards Southern Ontario where they will be re-united for a final week of special events.

One unique feature of this program is the use of restored 1950s classic cars to transport the teams. The reason for this: these cars provide modern parables of each of the men's lives - they were ruined by sin, but reclaimed by Jesus Christ, and restored for proper service towards all people and for God's glory.

Please visit to learn more about this outreach. If you would like to receive an 8 1/2 X 11 poster in PDF format as a prayer reminder, send your request to This poster includes photos of the team and the cars, along with the dates and 38 locations where C3 East and C3 West will visit.

C3 East is presently in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island and C3 West is in Victoria, British Columbia. Updates from these locations will be sent early next week. The following is from the team as they completed two weeks of orientation at Guelph Bible Conference Centre in Ontario.
To all saints everywhere in Christ Jesus,

From the Cross Canada Cruisers,

May grace and peace be multiplied to you. (I Peter 1:2 b) Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised, and His greatness is unsearchable. (Psalm 145:3)

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places, (Ephesians 1:3)

We have been very aware of His blessing in the past week of evangelistic training. We have been reminded of His grace and mercy as we examine the Gospel of our blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, drawing from our hearts a love for Him that could only be from Him. The Joy of the Lord is indeed our strength.

As mentioned, we are being trained in the work of evangelism. We all have a common burden for the lost, and it's great receiving tips and "tricks of the trade" from those with experience in this work. Learning to fish for men is a delicate process. People are different, and one of the challenges is to tailor your message for your audience. That's the essence of what we've been
learning: how to be a soul winner; how to meet a person where they're at; how to show them the love of Christ, for it is only His love that can win a person.

We've also had our motives challenged. Are we going out to witness to as many as possible? Or are we going out to win as many as possible? It's possible to witness to many, but win few. If we're witnessing just so we look spiritual, just so we can say "look at how many people I've told about the Lord", we are doing it out of selfish pride. You might pray that we would be constantly reminded of the Lord's love for us, so that our motive is His love. We need to witness to win, to witness because we love people with God's love. It starts with a personal love for the Lord, for when we appreciate His love, and only then, can we love others.

It is with great anticipation that we look into the future. We hope and pray to see God work mightily through us. Emphasis on through. It's humbling to think He would choose to use us. He doesn't need us, He wants us. That's amazing.

Please continue to pray. We've sensed the prayers of the saints already, we cannot express our thanks enough. We're all in this together, and prayer warriors are as important as anyone in this work.

Pray for those we will come in contact with, that the Spirit of God would be working in their hearts to hear the Gospel. Pray that they would respond by putting their faith and trust in Christ. Pray for us, that we would be bound together with love. Unity is essential. Also pray that our message would be clear, that we would communicate the Good News with people. We have a life changing message, and we'd hate for anyone to miss it because of our weakness, so we need the Lord's grace in communication.

Watch for His appearing, press on toward the high calling.

Till He comes,
Dale Martin, on behalf of the Cross Canada Cruisers

Many of you may have heard of the Cross Canada Cruisers. A group of men are taking the gospel from shore to shore (actually two teams starting at each end of the country and meeting in Ontario) in old classic cars. Here is a first report...(Be sure to park your mouse at their website
"Greetings in the name of our Father through our Lord Jesus Christ, I arrived to Vancouver BC this past saturday. From there I took one of the BC ferries across to Victoria Island. The view from the ferry was honestly one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. This week we are being taught the book of Romans by John Allen, and we are working with Tim Hood in our outreach. We have our teaching on Romans at the assembly out here (Westview Gospel Chapel) every morning. The first major outreach was had was the Victorian Day parade. I was again amazed at the ability these classic cars have and their ability to 'attract' a crowd. Especially the '56 Mercury Montclair with glass packed dual mufflers, that I have been privileged to drive :-) The parade lasted about 4 hours, and we were able to distribute just shy of 6000 'World's Biggest Lie' CDs. Many of the people that received the CD's were appreciative and polite, and nobody really gave us any opposition. Tuesday night we went downtown Victoria to the parliament buildings. I ended up talking to a couple by the name of Mike and Nicole for about 45 mins about spiritual things. Pray for Mike and Nicole. They are very interested, but are still somewhat resistant to God's perfect plan of salvation. This Friday and Saturday we will be going down by the water to watch and witness at a boat race. We plan to park the cars right on the dock, and allow people to come and check out the cars, while trying to work the gospel into the conversations. Pray for the hearts of these people, most people are very receptive to talk to us, but when we turn the conversation to spiritual things, are usually quick to end it or leave. I would write more, but as you can see...I'm not very good at this whole letter writing thing,
God Bless, Sincerely,

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

China/Burma Update

Dear praying friends

We are in touch with some brethren who are able to get help (with no little difficulty) through to believers in both China and Burma (Myanmar). However due to the sensitivity of the situation (especially in Burma) we cannot give details. However if you are exercised to help, especially the household of faith, funds could be sent to CMML (U.S.), MSC Canada, or Echoes (U.K.).

Not only is the devastation unimaginable, and the loss of life mind-boggling, but the governmental red tape is extremely frustrating. You understand one reason for this: it seems to be only so-called "Christian countries" and Christian relief organizations and churches who are ready to help. This outpouring of help has a debilitating effect on the official teaching of atheism or other false beliefs. It also tends to result in many turning to the Lord. As the Scripture says, "The goodness of God leads... to repentance" (Rom. 2:4).

Encouragement for Christian Young People

The below is from the April issue of UPLOOK Magazine:

Do you know a young person who could benefit from reading the writings of other young Christians or stories of encouraging happenings in their lives and as they share the gospel? Then tell them about This is not just another social networking web site–it is meant for serious Christian young people to encourage each other and themselves in the Lord! There are articles written by youth and youth leaders including special sections for young men and young ladies, plus a section focussed on evangelism. There are audio messages geared for youth with teaching on how to get involved in their assemblies. Youth conferences and outreach opportunities will be listed.
With this site, the desire is for young people to be equipped to meet the challenge of 1 Timothy 4:12: “Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.”

Contact: David Nicholson

Monday, May 19, 2008

Rosboroughs' China Update

From their e-mail...

Dear Praying Ones,
Quick update for you to let you know that (y)our prayers have been answered. We just received the next document we've been waiting for! But instead of it taking 9-17 weeks to receive it, it came in 3.5!! This is unprecedented! We've gained a new understanding of "God-speed" and are thanking Him for expediting our case. Please continue to pray for the last real hurdle, a Travel Approval which will allow us to buy our tickets and set our itinerary. It typically takes about 3 more weeks, with travel to follow 2-3 weeks after that. Add to that our two week trip in China, we would expect at this point to be home with John-Nathan [withheld] within 2 months!
With love,
Peter, Celinda, and Julianna

Monday, April 28, 2008

Joyce Hardisty update

April 21, 2008...
...Joyce is doing well, but is facing another more extensive surgery in the months ahead. The doctor has given his ok for here to travel home in May and have the surgery performed when she returns in late July. Since the cancer is in the early stages the delay is not a problem. Joyce is not asking the Lord for healing, but simply that His perfect will be done in her life. She is facing this with strength of character and faith, as she has faced each and every obstacle in her life. The challenges are real, but “The LORD on high is mightier than the noise of many waters, than the might waves of the sea” (Ps, 93)
(For more on the Hardisty's, go to

Friday, April 25, 2008

From the Rosboroughs

Dear Ones,
With hearts overflowing, the three of us would like to introduce to you our son and little brother (you heard us correctly!). With a peace that passes all understanding, we have accepted the referral of [name withheld]. He is 2 1/2 years old and he is waiting for us in Shanxi Province, China.
We could not be more thrilled with God's choice for us, and though it appears to be quite different than what we had set out on this journey for, we are quite confident it is where the Lord has lead us.
We thank you for faithfully praying for us and we ask that you continue to do so as the journey isn't over yet! It could be 3-5 months before we travel to get him. Much to do in the meantime!!
Here are some specific prayer requests:
1) Pray for [him]. Pray that he would be safe and well. Pray that he would be loved and cared for 'til we come. Pray that God would prepare his little heart and mind for the incredible transition into our lives.
2) Pray for continued favor with China's and our own government.
3) Pray that we would be able to go to China before the Olympics. This would be pretty miraculous, but we are reminded that nothing is too difficult for God!
4) Pray for our hearts and minds as we prepare for him to meet all of his needs: physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
5) And that in ALL things He might get the glory!
We thank you for being a part of this journey with us through your prayers on our behalf! Keep praying!
The Lord bless!
The Rosborough's
Peter, Celinda, and Julianna AND [name withheld](English name-TBA)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Prayer Requests

Dear praying friends


ONE: It's possible that the Lord is opening to us a golden opportunity. A young man in his mid-twenties is very exercised to join with Cross Canada Cruisers.

However, there is one special challenge. He uses a wheelchair full time. The Lord has provided him a new wheelchair-accessible van which he can use, and, in his words, "although I am very independent, I would have different needs than any of the other guys."

The men already on the team would, no doubt, be willing to do what they could, but we do not feel we should lay greater responsibility on them as they will have a full plate already.

The young man who would feel the Lord calling him to join the team as a traveling companion of this brother would also need to make application for the team, however we understand the somewhat different role he would have on the team. We would probably be arranging a motel room at each stopping place for these two brothers as few homes along the way would have wheelchair access bathrooms.

You can obviously see the wonderful possibilities. This would clearly open new doors for the gospel everywhere we would travel. It would be a tremendous asset in every community. However we need the Lord to show Himself strong on our behalf in this regard. And quickly. Orientation starts two weeks today!

So please pray. And if you (or someone you know) sees this as the Lord's will for them for the next six months, please call Jabe Nicholson at 616-540-6498 right away.

TWO: In addition, there is another brother "well reported of" by his brethren who is also eager to go. His challenge is that he has a schooling requirement in September that would keep him from joining. He is going to the responsible authority (probably today) to see if he can do this by
conference call, etc. Please pray that if it is the Lord's will for him to go, the authorities will grant this permission.

THREE: We also have one young man applying for a passport. Pray that the process will be expedited.

With many thanks for your intercessions. Miracles to follow.

Jabe, for the team

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Prayer Request

Saturday, April 19th is "89ers Day" in Guthrie OK. For many years Guthrie Gospel Chapel has passed out Gospel Tracts for the thousands who come for the parade at this yearly event. Prayer will be held 10 am that morning at the Chapel, then instructions for distribution prior to the noon parade will be given. A fellowship lunch will be provided afterwards. Pray for the
Word sown, the souls receiving it and boldness for those who participate.

On behalf of the assembly,
Alan Schiete


Please pray for a major gospel effort with Good News on the Move and the Waterbury, CT assembly. The dates are June 1-8. The GNOM team along with other believers are seeking to evangelize the Lower Naugatuck Valley just south of Waterbury. For more information and to learn how you can be involved, visit


It's hard to believe, but a full year has passed since the brutal murder of three believers in Malatya, Turkey. Friday, April 18 is the anniversary of the murders and special services have been planned. Please pray for the widows, Suzzane and Semsa, and their children, also for the believers as they commemorate the lives of these martyrs.

Also pray for the ongoing court case. Hearings continued this past Monday. There are several serious concerns:

- The judges seem to be heavily biased against the Christians.

- The five accused (two of whom gave their fabricated stories on Monday) have accused the murdered men of insulting Islam and are trying to link the believers to a Kurdish terrorist group, a preposterous allegation.

- The main lawyer acting on behalf of the believers has had death threats for defending Christian missionaries.

- Two believers, Hakan and Turan, have also been charged with some very serious crimes. Their next hearing is on June 24 in the town of Silivri, near Istanbul.

These are all matters for prayer. Especially pray that these court cases will be used by the Lord to show the spirit of Christianity to the Turkish people, and provide the legal right of believers to meet freely, and speak of their faith in Turkey.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

2007 Camp Schedule

Deep South Family Camp

June 18-21, 2008



2:00pm----Camp registration (No Lunch Served)


7:30pm----Welcome and ministry, Pavilion; Ray Cummings



9:30am-----Ministry, Pavilion; Scott Leach

Bob Brown; Children, and young people; Dining Hall

12:00pm----- Lunch

1:00pm ----Activities for all; Crafts, Games, Swimming, etc.


7:30pm-----Ministry, Pavilion; Bob Brown

FRIDAY; June 20


9:30am-----Ministry, Pavilion; Mike Abele

Bob Brown; Children, and young people; Dining Hall

12:00pm----- Lunch

1:00pm ----Activities for all; Crafts, Games, Swimming, etc.


7:30pm-----Ministry, Pavilion; James Bonner


7:45am ----Breakfast; camp ends

Monday, April 14, 2008

"Duze" Dussor update 4/14/08

E-mail from Lee Sandifer, writing on Sunday, 4/13/08:

"Dear praying saints;
Praise the Lord! Duze was released from the hospital yesterday (on good behavior) afternoon. This is much earlier than had been expected by all (answered prayer!). He is doing better and was out to the meetings today (a little loopy from the pain meds). On doctor's orders he removed the packing this afternoon (not a fun thing to do on your own). He will see the doctor tomorrow to insure that he is still making progress with the infection."

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ken & Joyce Hardisty update

Here are a few excerpts from Ken & Joyce Hardisty's blog regarding Joyce's health situation. These are listed chronologically so we can catch up on the progression of information. You can read up on their ministry at

March 3 - "Greetings to you all. We had to make a run to Manila this past week as Joyce had developed a bit of a problem and we had to visit with the doctors. The biopsy was negative, for which we praise the Lord, but she will still require some surgery in the next few weeks. We will be calling the doctor today for results from further tests, and for the scheduling of her surgery."

March 10 - "Please continue to pray for Joyce. Evidently the doctors have seen in her mammogram and ultra sound something they did not like. So although the first problem has been resolved we are now looking at another. We will need to make another trip to Manila in the next couple of weeks and Joyce will be admitted into the hospital for some more extensive testing. Please keep her in your prayers."

March 21 - "We head down to Manila on Monday [3/24] for Joyce’s procedure and biopsy. Please keep her in your prayers. Whatever the outcome of the biopsy we know the faithfulness of our Lord. Pray for safety as we travel, and for wisdom for the doctors. We will send along another update when we have further information regarding Joyce."

April 8 - "Joyce is doing well. The pathology department at the hospital in Manila needed to do further testing on the mass removed a couple of weeks ago as the tests they concluded were deemed inconclusive. So we are still in the waiting period. Continue to pray that the mass will be benign. But our faith and trust is in the wisdom of one greater than us, so we will trust in Him whatever may come. Love to you all, and thanks you so much for your prayers."

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Piper Elizabeth Bonner

Piper Elizabeth Bonner arrived today - all 7lb 8oz and 20" of her. Her parents Paul & Laura are very happy, her brother is very curious. Thank the Lord for a safe delivery and apparent good health for mother and child.

"Duze" Dussor prayer request

Dear praying saints,
Duze Dussor is in Slidell Memorial Hospital (Room 1203B). He scraped a large patch on his calf a couple of weeks ago playing softball with the chapel team. It has been slow in healing because of its size. It has developed a staph infection and he is receiving IV antibiotics to fight it off. This development is serious. The doctor is very concerned for his leg.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mountain Top Update

Hello everyone,

God has been good to send the rain our way. We received the best rain today. Much better to deal with muddy roads than blazing forest. The fire crews worked today as planned putting water on the "hot spots," starting on our cliffs and working their way down. We are nearing the end of this process, for which we are thankful to the Lord. Crews plan to remain here for 2 more days in order to adequately extinguish all the hot spots.

Praise the Lord, that our prayer has been answered to send this positive report this evening. Lord willing, this will be the last update on the Sauratown Mt. Fire. Thanks again so much for your prayers. We would also like to thank those who came up to help, provided food and sent encouraging words over phone and email. It's great to be a part of the body of Christ.

God bless and enjoy the rain, I know we will!

PS - if you would to volunteer this summer - cook, nurse, counselor, etc please contact us.

Visit Mountain Top Youth Camp at

Monday, March 31, 2008

Central Bible Chapel Ladies' Conference

Ladies' Bible Conference and Tea
Saturday, April 5, 2008
Central Bible Chapel, Millbrook, Alabama
9:30 A.M. until 3:00 P.M.
featuring ministry on the practice of
Brunch and Luncheon/Tea will be provided.
Nursery and children's activities will be available.
R.S.V.P. Kathy Leach (334) 365-3374
Central Bible Chapel is hosting a Ladies' Bible Conference on Saturday, April 5, 2008 and invites area ladies to be there. It will be a one day conference featuring ministry and helpful how-tos on hospitality, an important practice for every Christian home and family. The speakers will be Christian women from around the Southeast who have "practiced what they preach!" Kem Schneider of Marietta, GA, and Vickie Gaynier of Millbrook, AL will be two of the speakers and will also serve on the panel, along with Shorty Bonner of Needham, AL for the Questions and Answer session.
Nursery and children's activities will be available, and accommodations will be provided for any who wish to stay overnight (Friday and/or Saturday). Please contact Kathy Leach at (334) 365-3374 or Tabitha Abele at (334) 414-9159 to make arrangements for accommodations or for directions.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Prayer Request

We received today this news through brother George Khalil, an elder in the assembly in Nazareth.

Dear friends

I received some very disturbing bad news this morning from Suhad: Fuad Nabil Ayyad, a member of the Christian community in Gaza, was kidnapped by an unknown group from Palestine Square in the center of Gaza City yesterday. An unknown group also tried to kidnap Fuad's father before last Christmas, but he got away. His father is the second cousin of our dear martyr Rami.

Let us surround Fuad, his family and friends with prayers. Pray for his safe return, and that he will not be harmed in any way. Pray also that God will fulfill all the needs the family has in this very difficult situation.

And pray for the whole small, struggling Christian community in Gaza. The light of Christ is needed more than ever in Gaza, a place that seem to grow darker and darker. Let's pray that the life-changing Light of the world will shine brighter and brighter in this very troubled region, into the hearts of more and more people that now are living in deep despair.


Mountain Top Update

Below is another update from Andy Hylton, Executive Director of Mountain Top Youth Camp on Sauratown Mountain, NC.

March 30, 2008 7:30 PM

Hi Brothers and Sisters,

God has seen fit to answer many of our prayers - thanks for your intercession on our behalf.

We had rain for about an hour this morning. - PTL - This continues to slow the fire's progression.

As of this evening we can now say that a complete fire break (combination of hand digging a line and a bulldozer cutting a path) completely surrounds the fire area. - PTL

As crews are freed up from other areas, more man power has been allocated to our cliffs area - PTL - This remains a main area of concern. - Pray

About 4:00 pm today fire crews were able to provide a good water source on our cliffs to allow pumped water to this area. - PTL

This will allow the crews to be ready in the morning to go into the fire areas and apply water to the "hot spots" that still burn and can be rekindled. - Pray

So keep praying - our request:

* Pray for more rain

* Pray that all hot spots will be extinguished

* Pray for wisdom for those making decisions

* Pray for the salvation of the unbelieving workers

We hope to send out another positive praise report tomorrow.

Thanks again for your prayers!

Psalm 50:23 "Whoso offereth praise glorifieth me."

Mountain Top Update

We value and need your continued prayers...

This whole fire ordeal has been like a roller coaster in that reports are up and down - we continue to experience the results of a wildfire being unpredictable.

At night fall last evening (Friday) we felt the fires on MTYC property were under control. This means that the visible flames of the moving line of fire were out and we had some what of a make shift fire break (hand dug/raked line) around the fire area. This left "hot spots" (areas still
burning, but not advancing). The fire official's game plan last evening was to reinforce the fire breaks and start working the interior hot spots.

Unfortunately the winds rekindled the fires near our cliffs. The fire had burned up to the left side of our cliffs before being "contained", at least not actively advancing. Praise the Lord for the rain - pray for more!

Where the fire now burns on our side of the mountain is only accessible by foot and there is no good water source.

Pray for wisdom for the fire fighters. Also, pray for their strength as this battle is now into the fourth day. Pray for the winds to cease - this poses one of the worse threats.

MTYC is not in immediate danger - although the unpredictable fires still burn.

The Lord is answering prayer. What takes man so long - God can do with a rain shower. Mark 10:27 - With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.

Thank you for your calls, voice mails and email - they are not a bother, but rather a great encouragement - please understand if we are not able to respond in a timely manner in light of the situation.

God is protecting MTYC!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Prayer Request

Mountain Top Youth Camp is located on 175 wooded acres on the northwests lope of Sauratown Mountain near Pinnacle, N.C. There is a fire climbing the south slope, nearing the top of the mountain. More than 10 fire departments are battling the blaze. Please pray for protection for a group of believers who are heading to the mountain as volunteer fire fighters. Also, pray that the camp buildings will not be damaged by the fire.

Visit Mountain Top Youth Camp at

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Christian Bittick

Shequita Brown's 5-month old nephew, Christian Bittick, was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis today. His parents are Louis & Tina (Shequita's sister). Your prayers are coveted. He is presently in Children's Hospital in Birmingham.

Hope Bible Chapel Conference

Here is the schedule for Hope Bible Chapel's 7th Annual Conference, taking place this week:

Wed-Fri - 7PM
Sat - 9:30AM to 10:30AM; break; 11:00AM to 12:00PM; lunch; 1:00PM to 2:00PM
Sun - 9:30AM - Lord's Supper; 11:00AM - Family Bible Hour

Brother Mike Attwood of Washington, GA will be speaking.

Ben Hamel

This was received from Ben this morning:
"For some time now you guys have been praying that I would meet another believer here. Well I have. His name is William Lawson. I've known him for a few months now but it just dawned on me the other day (I'm a little slow) that your prayers have been answered. Unfortunately for Lawson he had to leave his family and come join me here in Iraq. He is doing well though.

Please continue to pray, not only for Ben, but William and his family as well.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Roy Aafedt Update

Back in December I had a brain aneurism and Gary Clark got emails going out to the praying saints. I am here to tell you that if it was not for all those prayers from all the saints all over the country I truly don't believe that I would be sitting here emailing you today. I have become a more than ever believer in pray and the power of it. We often never hear of the positive things that happen from prayer and I personally wonder sometimes whatever happened to that person.

Well, I just want to thank everyone that prayed for me because the Lord Jesus Christ was listening and I am proof of it. There is only about a 17% survival rate from the surgery I had, and I have no long-term after effects from the surgery. That is just unheard of, according to my doctor. I personally believe I am here today in the condition I am because of prayer. I want to thank you and all the saints for taking time to pray for me and my family in a time of desperate need. "May the Lord repay you for what you have done" (Ruth 2:12).

In Christ our Lord

Roy Aafedt

Fargo ND

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Giving Thanks

Join us as we thank the Lord for answering prayers and giving Gunter Akridge complete remission from cancer. We are thankful to Him for His goodness and blessing toward Gunter and his wife Bethany.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Please remember Doug & Nathan Jaquish before the Lord as they travel this week. Doug has been in Armenia & Georgia, and is now in Azerbaijan. He will return home this coming Wednesday. Nathan left today (3/8/08) on a scouting excursion which will involve helping in areas in Mississippi still suffering the effects of Hurricane Katrina. He will return home Friday. Please keep both before the Lord, and pray for safe returns.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Hughes Trip

Dear All,
Got word from Josh around 9:30PM that they had arrived in Wichita, safe & sound. Thought you would all want to know our prayers were answered positively. Continue to remember them as they establish themselves in their new home.


Saturday, March 1, 2008

Jesse and Joy Johnson

"the Lord has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes." Ps 118:23

Dear Family and Friends,

Jesse and Joy asked me to announce the birth of their son

Micah Benjamin Johnson
7 lbs 13 ounces
20 inches long

born in Nairobi, Kenya
at 2:51 PM (6:51 AM EST)
today February 28, 2008

Baby, mother, father and brother are all doing well. Zach got to hold him and looked at Micah with awe. He was very relieved to see that his mommy was fine now. Jesse's parents arrived from Tanzania on Monday and Zach is very happy to be with them.

Praise God with us for the blessing of Micah's safe delivery! Thank you for your prayers!


Ruth Clark
(Joy's Mom)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Prayer and Praise

Shannon Hills Bible Chapel, Greensboro, NC are planning a neighborhood literature distribution this Saturday, March 1 from 9:00 am until noon. The door-hanger bags will highlight an invitation to the "Love & Respect" marriage DVD series March 2-9, and will also include gospel literature and information on SHBC. They hope to reach 2000 homes with the gospel. Please
pray for receptive hearts.
From the believers at Newtown Christian Fellowship, Newtown, CT

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus,

It has been suggested that we share with you the way in which the Lord worked in connection with a recent outreach at the assembly here. It's a testimony of God's goodness and will hopefully be an encouragement to others who desire to reach out with the gospel in their communities. We have been filled with rejoicing to see His hand moving among us!

On Sunday, February 17, a brother from the assembly gave a one-hour public lecture at the town hall entitled "A World In Turmoil--Can I Still Find Peace?" The Lord brought around twenty-two visitors, most of whom were unbelievers! Considering that we have about forty people in fellowship, that was a great turnout! While this was exciting, we were even more
delighted to see that the Lord had significantly prepared several for the gospel. While none have yet, to our knowledge, put their faith in the Lord Jesus, there is real evidence that He is working in their hearts.

Although the assembly has been in existence for thirteen years, we are ashamed that this was only our second public outreach to the community. We had offered another lecture last summer, which we mainly advertised through flyers distributed to homes, and through the newspapers; however, not many people came. Because of this, we were especially encouraged by the turnout
for this outreach.

Contrary to last summer, the focus of our "publicity efforts" for this event was to invite personal acquaintances, and it was much more fruitful. We did make a mistake in unknowingly setting the date just before a school vacation, which turned out to be the reason that some of those invited couldn't come. However, the Lord still brought plenty out. Friends, relatives, coworkers, and classmates were among those who came, and the connections that the believers already have with these people will help with follow-up.

A press release and advertisement were prepared for the local paper, and one couple mentioned that they had seen the notice only two hours before the meeting, and decided to come! One visitor was a store clerk whom one of the believers had invited some time previously, but who had not shown much interest at the time.

The local cable TV company has proven to be a great resource for us. They are more than willing to air the lecture for free on their local access channel. That means that cable subscribers from fourteen towns will be able to view the lecture from their living rooms! They also lent us a
professional video camera and lighting setup to use in recording the lecture. Some of the young brothers in the assembly are working together to make a DVD of the recording, which will be a good resource to give to those who couldn't come to the lecture.

We thank the Lord so much for how he has been at work among the lost and also among us in the assembly. We believe that a major reason for the Lord's blessing was the united and earnest prayers of the believers. It is wonderful to see the answers to those prayers!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Joanna Darby Lee

Congrats to Jonathan and Sarah Lee on the birth of their daughter, Joanna Darby, at 5:30PM February 23, 2008. Joanna weighed 8lb., 7oz., 20.5" long, black hair & blue eyes. Mother and baby are doing well, Dad has started saving for the wedding. Praise the Lord with us for a safe and healthy delivery.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

John Schneider update 2/12/08

John came through surgery as well as could be hoped for, with two bypasses. Continued prayer for his recovery is appreciated.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Prayer Requests

Dear interceding saints

A few matters for prayer, if you feel exercised:

We continue to press ahead with plans for gospel teams in Canada. Lord willing, the teams will be in place by mid April. We are still praying for at least 8 more committed men to invest six months in on-the-job preparation for a lifetime of personal and united evangelism. This needs much prayer.

A recent earthquake has devastated the island of Nkombo, off the east African coast of Rwanda. All of the homes were either ruined or severely damaged. The school and two assembly buildings (in process of construction) were also severely damaged. Eight people died and another 80 are
hospitalized from this community of 460 homes. We understand Echoes has sent some financial relief.

The war-torn country of Pakistan has national elections slated for Feb 18. Please pray especially for safety for the believers there, and for a measure of religious liberty to be maintained in that often troubled Muslim country.

Kenya, once a relatively calm place in central Africa, is now in a state of emergency. Across the country at least 255,000 people have been displaced, and nearly 1,000 have been killed, creating an urgent humanitarian crisis. Most of those in dire need are women and children, many suffering because of exposure to unsafe water. Please uphold those who are seeking to minister in both demanding and dangerous conditions.

Brother Roy Hill has informed us that Cyril Hocking was called to glory on Feb 5 after a lengthy illness. We are deeply indebted to our brother Cyril for his many helpful contributions to our libraries, especially his co-editing of the Treasury of Bible Doctrine and a similar work on the
Church (two volumes every serious student of the Word should read). He and his wife Jean ministered for almost 30 years in Israel (73-01). Please remember the family in prayer.

"Pray without ceasing" (1 Thess. 5:17).

John Schneider

John Schneider is an elder at Marietta Bible Chapel, Marietta, GA, and a close personal friend. He is to undergo open heart by-pass surgery Tuesday 2/12/08, and prayer for this situation is requested. He and his wife, Kem (one of the speakers at our planned Ladies' Conference in April) have three daughters - Lindsay, Bethany & Haley. Please remember them all before the Throne of Grace.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Bill Walker

Brother Bill Walker underwent successful hip replacement surgery. He was to go home for rehab, but began to have chest pains and got sick. Bill will be in the hospital at least through the weekend. Please remember this brother before the Lord.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Adalie Englade

Dear All,
Adalie Englade went home to be with the Lord around 8:30PM this evening (01/27/08). As many know, she has home been under hospice care since mid December. Please remember Bertley before the Lord as this will be devastating to him.



Sunday, January 27, 2008

Message from the Johnson's

Dear Friends and Family,

We have GREAT news! First, we have found a private doctor to go to instead of the group of prenatal doctors at the hospital, and the care is about a million times better. This doctor actually read my file, asked good questions, and seemed to really take responsibility for my care. It was great to have the weight of feeling like I had to fight for every good medical decision taken off my shoulders. Also, this doctor agreed to schedule an extra ultrasound, which revealed that the
previa has moved enough that I should be able to have a normal delivery!!! God is incredible!

He says that the baby's head has already started dropping, so he still thinks I will deliver early, hopefully not too early but just right... However, if I haven't already delivered by 38 weeks he is willing to induce if we would like him to. That is wonderful because it means we can go ahead and tell Jesse's parents (who want to be here for the delivery) when to come so that they can help us watch Zach while the new baby is being born. Zach is still really insecure right now and
wants his Mommy AND Daddy with him at all times, but we think he might make an exception for Grandma and Grandpa, which will be important especially if I go into labor in the middle of the night. Please pray that we will not have to change the date on our return tickets to Burundi (the longest stay we could get on the cheaper 3 month tickets was until March 13). Birth certificate red tape in Kenya is notorious, and that would be the main cause of our having to wait.

Zach is eating REALLY well here at the guest house and gaining some weight (another answer to prayer), and the political situation continues to be unstable (right now there are still just occasional riots that cause parts of town to be blocked while police clear the area of demonstrators, but people are saying that if Kolfi Anan's negotiations bear no fruit, things could get drastically worse), so we will continue to stay here for two more weeks despite the extra
expense. At that point Jesse's brother Steven and cousin Lizzie will come to stay with us for their midterm break from boarding school. When they leave, we will reassess things and will probably move back to Ryders until Jesse's parents come.

I think we feel a little like people on board a 747 that started plummeting towards the ocean and then managed to pull out of the dive at the last minute. We are incredibly thankful and excited that we aren't crashing any more, but our hearts are still racing and we probably won't completely relax until the plane is on the ground and we can "remove our seatbelts because the plane has come to a complete stop". (No, this metaphor did not occur to me because I am starting to rival a 747 for size, though I may be approaching a Cessna...) We would appreciate your continued prayers for peace, for a safe delivery for the baby, and for wisdom in how to spend this last few weeks and what to tackle first when we return to Burundi. Please thank Him with us, too-- He has delivered us, as you helped us by your prayers, and now "many will give thanks on our behalf for the gracious favor granted us in answer to the prayers of many." 2 Cor. 1:11

Thank you again,
Jesse, Joy, and Zach

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Elliot Hughes

Dear Ones,
Some of you may already know this information, but we wanted to pass it on to make sure everyone knew. The funeral for Elliot Hughes will be in Wichita, Kansas, at the Northside Chapel at 10:00 a.m., followed by a graveside service. However, there will be a Memorial Service for him at Hope Bible Chapel, here in Birmingham, on Thursday evening at 6:00.
If anyone from the Birmingham area would like to send flowers, please have them sent to Hope Bible Chapel on Thursday, between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m., if possible. Buddy's cell phone number is 482-8676, and he said to give that number to the delivery person, or call him anytime regarding flower deliveries. The feeling is that there will be PLENTY of flowers in Wichita, and few here for his Memorial Service, so, on behalf of those in our Chapel here, flowers will be sent from our Chapel family to the Memorial Service here.
If anyone would like to send a gift instead of flowers, there are two preferred choices: a donation to the Children's Hospital, NICU on the 6th floor, on behalf of Elliot, or a donation to Josh and Angie to help with medical expenses.
We hope this information has been helpful. Please feel free to call anytime. Cathy's cell number is 307-9754.
In Our Saviour's Love and Care,
Alton and Cathy
"Oh yes, He cares, I know He cares,
His heart is touched with my grief;
When the days are weary, the long nights dreary,
I know my Saviour cares." -F.E.G.

"God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away." Revelation 21:4

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Baby Elliot

October 31, 2007 - January 21, 2008

Wanted to thank everyone for their diligent prayers for our precious son as they were answered tonight as Elliot went to be in the arms of our Lord at 6:30 pm. While we are grieving deeply for the loss of our son we have a peace. A peace in knowing that Elliot is in heaven with our Lord and is in no more pain.

We held him tonight for the first time since he was born without any tubes or wires coming from his body. He had such a peaceful face. We are planning on having a funeral here in Birmingham and a memorial service in Wichita where hopefully he will also be buried. We will let everyone know of our future plans.

Thanks again for all your prayers and love,
Josh and Angie

Monday, January 21, 2008

Elliot Hughes

It is with a heavy heart that I write to let every one know that Elliot has passed away. Please remember Josh and Angie in your prayers, along with their parents during this time.

Urgent Prayer Request

Due to complications during surgery, little Elliot Hughes needs our prayers now more than ever. Please pray for Elliot, Josh and Angie as the next few hours will be critical.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Prayer Request

This report comes from Mike Donahue who was on the Good News on the Move (GNOM) team last year. He now lives in England with his wife Danielle.


Dear praying saints

Hello from England. There are 150 kids in a public school who will hear the gospel next week in the will of our LORD! Danielle has been invited by a teacher of religious education to come, along with some co-workers, to speak to the 7th grade class. The subject is "How we found GOD".

The school visited Heatree Activity Centre where we work. Danni wanted to give one of the teachers a "Uniqueness of Christianity" CD. She was a bit hesitant, but gave it to the teacher just before she left. Paula, the teacher who received the CD, was very thankful. She soon wrote back and invited us to come on the 15th of January.

I don't think she is saved, but seems open. She said the CD gave her a lot to think about. We will have 3 one hour sessions with 50 kids in each session. We will get to talk for 40 minutes then have a question and answer session for 20 minutes. Please pray that we will have boldness and grace to proclaim the truth, and pray the kids will be prepared to accept it.

GOD is good! Thank you all.

Mike Donahue

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Baby Elliot Hughes Up-Date

Dear All,

Elliot came through the surgery fine, although he looks as though he is a typical “post surgical” trauma picture at this point. Here are the findings and outcomes:

  1. No lung surgery—the upper lobe was not even there to remove. It never developed—the thymus gland was mimicking the upper left lobe on X-ray because it was excessively large. The doctor removed a part of the thymus to allow more work space—should not bring any future complications.
  2. The vascular ring around the trachea was released—the ligament clipped.
  3. They found (relatively easily) the lower (distal) part of the esophagus which comes up from the stomach, but the proximal portion of the esophagus was very difficult to find. They finally ran a light down the throat and traced where the esophagus was by the light. Once found, they saw why the esophagus has not grown much in three weeks: it was entrapped by the vascular ring. Once the ring was released, there was found that the gap between the two parts of the esophagus (distal and proximal) was not three centimeters, but six. Dr. Georgeson was dismayed to find an even larger gap than expected---twice as large.
  4. They performed the Fokker Maneuver where they sutured both sections of the esophagus and ran the lines outside his body. Periodically, the doctors will pull the twine and stretch the esophagus. Elliot will have to be sedated each time.
  5. This Maneuver has some risks with it: sutures coming out with more surgery for suture repair, and when the stretching occurs, a hole can come in the esophageal wall which could lead to infection with contents from the stomach going out into the abdomen.
  6. Longer hospital stay with ultimate major surgery ahead again. If this Maneuver works, it will be approximately one more month before the adequate length is achieved. The doctor says that he has never tried this Maneuver on such a large gap and he couldn’t offer a high confidence that this would be successful. If this fails, the colon resection will probably be the next option.

We know that nothing passes to us unless it has passed through our loving Father’s hands first. We are thankful that Elliot made it through surgery and pray the next two or three days with him on the Ventilator will be uneventful and he will come through post surgically without any complications.

Thank you again for all your prayers. We truly knew the strength from the Lord throughout the surgery. We know that your prayers were answered as the Lord saw best. The next few weeks may be very difficult with hills and valleys. At this point, we have heard that he cannot be held for as long as this Maneuver is being performed. This is one of the hardest outcomes—it was so consoling to hold him close—especially for Josh and Angie. Please pray for endurance and strength—the long road is now longer with new obstacles and barriers along the way. However, we are so thankful to be this far and know that the Lord will see us through every trial.

Thank you for bearing us up before the throne of grace,


Friday, January 4, 2008


I spoke with Bill Wortman earlier today and he informed me that Elliot's esophagus was not long enough to be attached. The doctor's have taken the steps to stretch the esophagus, and will wait a month to see if it stretches enough with a second surgery.

Baby Elliot Hughes Up-Date

We've received the following alert from Elliot Hughes' grandmother, Jan

Dear praying ones

We met with the surgeon, Dr. Georgeson, this afternoon. They did an X-Ray and said that the esophagus is not looking as though it is long enough. In fact, he said that it looks as though it grew three centimeters initially and hasn't grown much at all since about three weeks ago. At the same time, Elliot has been growing lengthwise and the gap is now getting greater. It seems that there is probably a three centimeter gap now which is too large to attach together.

He says that he is not sure that it is too short (I think this doctor has seen a few miracles probably in his day), but if it is confirmed tomorrow that it is, he will instead perform the Fokker Maneuver which will entail stretching the esophagus 'outside' the body by running lines out his abdomen to pull the esophagus together. This may take up to a month if it works at all. Then they would have to again perform major surgery.

As the Lord leads, please pray that the doctors will be pleasantly surprised when they operate tomorrow and see that the esophagus is amply long enough for attachment. We pray of course that the Lord's will be done and submit to His will in this matter. We have not because we ask not - may we all pray for God's hand to be upon this child and that we will never be slack in
giving God the glory for seeing us through.

Thank you on behalf of us all,


PS: Some have asked where Elliot is - he is at Children's Hospital in Birmingham, Alabama. Surgery should be on the second floor and then he will be on sixth. Also, surgery may begin as early as 7:30.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Roy Aafedt Update

Dear praying saints:

We praise the Lord for answers to prayers...Roy Aafedt is coming home today, Lord willing. Please pray for Dick Bouchie, as he is going to Minneapolis to pick up Roy and Cindy.

Please continue to pray for Roy's complete recovery. He is doing very well, but will have to be very careful in these initial days/weeks at home in what activities he does. That will be hard for Roy, as it would for anyone. Please pray for his safety and for Cindy and Makenzie as they care for him.

For the MRBC saints...we'll let you know if there is need for us to take turns going to help out Cindy. Before going to visit I would suggest that you call Cindy to make sure it's okay. I'm sure Roy will be very tired in the first few days.

This will probably be the last report I will send out unless any difficulties arise. Roy, Cindy, Makenzie and family all greatly appreciate your prayers over the last couple of weeks. We all can see how the Lord answered all the prayers!

In Christ,

Gary Clark