Monday, April 28, 2008

Joyce Hardisty update

April 21, 2008...
...Joyce is doing well, but is facing another more extensive surgery in the months ahead. The doctor has given his ok for here to travel home in May and have the surgery performed when she returns in late July. Since the cancer is in the early stages the delay is not a problem. Joyce is not asking the Lord for healing, but simply that His perfect will be done in her life. She is facing this with strength of character and faith, as she has faced each and every obstacle in her life. The challenges are real, but “The LORD on high is mightier than the noise of many waters, than the might waves of the sea” (Ps, 93)
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Friday, April 25, 2008

From the Rosboroughs

Dear Ones,
With hearts overflowing, the three of us would like to introduce to you our son and little brother (you heard us correctly!). With a peace that passes all understanding, we have accepted the referral of [name withheld]. He is 2 1/2 years old and he is waiting for us in Shanxi Province, China.
We could not be more thrilled with God's choice for us, and though it appears to be quite different than what we had set out on this journey for, we are quite confident it is where the Lord has lead us.
We thank you for faithfully praying for us and we ask that you continue to do so as the journey isn't over yet! It could be 3-5 months before we travel to get him. Much to do in the meantime!!
Here are some specific prayer requests:
1) Pray for [him]. Pray that he would be safe and well. Pray that he would be loved and cared for 'til we come. Pray that God would prepare his little heart and mind for the incredible transition into our lives.
2) Pray for continued favor with China's and our own government.
3) Pray that we would be able to go to China before the Olympics. This would be pretty miraculous, but we are reminded that nothing is too difficult for God!
4) Pray for our hearts and minds as we prepare for him to meet all of his needs: physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
5) And that in ALL things He might get the glory!
We thank you for being a part of this journey with us through your prayers on our behalf! Keep praying!
The Lord bless!
The Rosborough's
Peter, Celinda, and Julianna AND [name withheld](English name-TBA)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Prayer Requests

Dear praying friends


ONE: It's possible that the Lord is opening to us a golden opportunity. A young man in his mid-twenties is very exercised to join with Cross Canada Cruisers.

However, there is one special challenge. He uses a wheelchair full time. The Lord has provided him a new wheelchair-accessible van which he can use, and, in his words, "although I am very independent, I would have different needs than any of the other guys."

The men already on the team would, no doubt, be willing to do what they could, but we do not feel we should lay greater responsibility on them as they will have a full plate already.

The young man who would feel the Lord calling him to join the team as a traveling companion of this brother would also need to make application for the team, however we understand the somewhat different role he would have on the team. We would probably be arranging a motel room at each stopping place for these two brothers as few homes along the way would have wheelchair access bathrooms.

You can obviously see the wonderful possibilities. This would clearly open new doors for the gospel everywhere we would travel. It would be a tremendous asset in every community. However we need the Lord to show Himself strong on our behalf in this regard. And quickly. Orientation starts two weeks today!

So please pray. And if you (or someone you know) sees this as the Lord's will for them for the next six months, please call Jabe Nicholson at 616-540-6498 right away.

TWO: In addition, there is another brother "well reported of" by his brethren who is also eager to go. His challenge is that he has a schooling requirement in September that would keep him from joining. He is going to the responsible authority (probably today) to see if he can do this by
conference call, etc. Please pray that if it is the Lord's will for him to go, the authorities will grant this permission.

THREE: We also have one young man applying for a passport. Pray that the process will be expedited.

With many thanks for your intercessions. Miracles to follow.

Jabe, for the team

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Prayer Request

Saturday, April 19th is "89ers Day" in Guthrie OK. For many years Guthrie Gospel Chapel has passed out Gospel Tracts for the thousands who come for the parade at this yearly event. Prayer will be held 10 am that morning at the Chapel, then instructions for distribution prior to the noon parade will be given. A fellowship lunch will be provided afterwards. Pray for the
Word sown, the souls receiving it and boldness for those who participate.

On behalf of the assembly,
Alan Schiete


Please pray for a major gospel effort with Good News on the Move and the Waterbury, CT assembly. The dates are June 1-8. The GNOM team along with other believers are seeking to evangelize the Lower Naugatuck Valley just south of Waterbury. For more information and to learn how you can be involved, visit


It's hard to believe, but a full year has passed since the brutal murder of three believers in Malatya, Turkey. Friday, April 18 is the anniversary of the murders and special services have been planned. Please pray for the widows, Suzzane and Semsa, and their children, also for the believers as they commemorate the lives of these martyrs.

Also pray for the ongoing court case. Hearings continued this past Monday. There are several serious concerns:

- The judges seem to be heavily biased against the Christians.

- The five accused (two of whom gave their fabricated stories on Monday) have accused the murdered men of insulting Islam and are trying to link the believers to a Kurdish terrorist group, a preposterous allegation.

- The main lawyer acting on behalf of the believers has had death threats for defending Christian missionaries.

- Two believers, Hakan and Turan, have also been charged with some very serious crimes. Their next hearing is on June 24 in the town of Silivri, near Istanbul.

These are all matters for prayer. Especially pray that these court cases will be used by the Lord to show the spirit of Christianity to the Turkish people, and provide the legal right of believers to meet freely, and speak of their faith in Turkey.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

2007 Camp Schedule

Deep South Family Camp

June 18-21, 2008



2:00pm----Camp registration (No Lunch Served)


7:30pm----Welcome and ministry, Pavilion; Ray Cummings



9:30am-----Ministry, Pavilion; Scott Leach

Bob Brown; Children, and young people; Dining Hall

12:00pm----- Lunch

1:00pm ----Activities for all; Crafts, Games, Swimming, etc.


7:30pm-----Ministry, Pavilion; Bob Brown

FRIDAY; June 20


9:30am-----Ministry, Pavilion; Mike Abele

Bob Brown; Children, and young people; Dining Hall

12:00pm----- Lunch

1:00pm ----Activities for all; Crafts, Games, Swimming, etc.


7:30pm-----Ministry, Pavilion; James Bonner


7:45am ----Breakfast; camp ends

Monday, April 14, 2008

"Duze" Dussor update 4/14/08

E-mail from Lee Sandifer, writing on Sunday, 4/13/08:

"Dear praying saints;
Praise the Lord! Duze was released from the hospital yesterday (on good behavior) afternoon. This is much earlier than had been expected by all (answered prayer!). He is doing better and was out to the meetings today (a little loopy from the pain meds). On doctor's orders he removed the packing this afternoon (not a fun thing to do on your own). He will see the doctor tomorrow to insure that he is still making progress with the infection."

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ken & Joyce Hardisty update

Here are a few excerpts from Ken & Joyce Hardisty's blog regarding Joyce's health situation. These are listed chronologically so we can catch up on the progression of information. You can read up on their ministry at

March 3 - "Greetings to you all. We had to make a run to Manila this past week as Joyce had developed a bit of a problem and we had to visit with the doctors. The biopsy was negative, for which we praise the Lord, but she will still require some surgery in the next few weeks. We will be calling the doctor today for results from further tests, and for the scheduling of her surgery."

March 10 - "Please continue to pray for Joyce. Evidently the doctors have seen in her mammogram and ultra sound something they did not like. So although the first problem has been resolved we are now looking at another. We will need to make another trip to Manila in the next couple of weeks and Joyce will be admitted into the hospital for some more extensive testing. Please keep her in your prayers."

March 21 - "We head down to Manila on Monday [3/24] for Joyce’s procedure and biopsy. Please keep her in your prayers. Whatever the outcome of the biopsy we know the faithfulness of our Lord. Pray for safety as we travel, and for wisdom for the doctors. We will send along another update when we have further information regarding Joyce."

April 8 - "Joyce is doing well. The pathology department at the hospital in Manila needed to do further testing on the mass removed a couple of weeks ago as the tests they concluded were deemed inconclusive. So we are still in the waiting period. Continue to pray that the mass will be benign. But our faith and trust is in the wisdom of one greater than us, so we will trust in Him whatever may come. Love to you all, and thanks you so much for your prayers."

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Piper Elizabeth Bonner

Piper Elizabeth Bonner arrived today - all 7lb 8oz and 20" of her. Her parents Paul & Laura are very happy, her brother is very curious. Thank the Lord for a safe delivery and apparent good health for mother and child.

"Duze" Dussor prayer request

Dear praying saints,
Duze Dussor is in Slidell Memorial Hospital (Room 1203B). He scraped a large patch on his calf a couple of weeks ago playing softball with the chapel team. It has been slow in healing because of its size. It has developed a staph infection and he is receiving IV antibiotics to fight it off. This development is serious. The doctor is very concerned for his leg.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mountain Top Update

Hello everyone,

God has been good to send the rain our way. We received the best rain today. Much better to deal with muddy roads than blazing forest. The fire crews worked today as planned putting water on the "hot spots," starting on our cliffs and working their way down. We are nearing the end of this process, for which we are thankful to the Lord. Crews plan to remain here for 2 more days in order to adequately extinguish all the hot spots.

Praise the Lord, that our prayer has been answered to send this positive report this evening. Lord willing, this will be the last update on the Sauratown Mt. Fire. Thanks again so much for your prayers. We would also like to thank those who came up to help, provided food and sent encouraging words over phone and email. It's great to be a part of the body of Christ.

God bless and enjoy the rain, I know we will!

PS - if you would to volunteer this summer - cook, nurse, counselor, etc please contact us.

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