Tuesday, February 9, 2010


There is a widely reported news story of a billboard outside of Wyoming, Minn., right along I-35 with a picture of a smiling, waving George W. Bush, and a caption "Miss Me Yet?". Apparently, some business people in the nearby town do. Others might have an entirely opposite feeling when they see it, although the billboard management company has stated that in the month since it was erected, there have been no complaints, and in fact, offers of donations to keep it up.
One's political leanings will probably determine whether the former president is missed or not - whether "absence makes the heart grow fonder", or "out of sight, and out of mind".
I couldn't help but think of believers who we expect are looking for the return of Someone they say they hold dear. Are thoughts of Him ever very far from the surface of the mind? Or is the One whom we claim to love only in our thinking once or twice a week? Is His will, His purposes, His glory the guiding principles of our lives, or is He more like a distant relation - a Person we are somewhat fond of, but don't know very well.
When He becomes what He ought to be in our lives, then His absence will be all the more significant, the desire to be in His presence all the greater. Worship will be moving and meaningful, and life will know its purpose. To the above question, applied to Him, we will emphatically say with the disciple whom Jesus loved, "Even so, Come, Lord Jesus!"

Monday, February 8, 2010

Annual Needham Bible Chapel conference announcement

Needham Gospel Center Inc.
Bible Chapel
2497 New Hope Road
Needham, Alabama 36915
(251) 843-2034
February 13 & 14
The Needham Bible Chapel would like to take this opportunity to invite you to our 26th annual celebration.
God has been so faithful to permit The Chapel to promote Biblical New Testament Doctrine and Principles in the Needham Community for over Fifty Nine years. We would like for you to come and help us celebrate His Faithfulness.
Saturday February 13th
4:30pm - Evening Meeting, Randy Amos
6:00pm - Meal, Chapel
7:00pm - Congregational Sing Along, Special Music
Ministry; Randy Amos
Sunday February 14th,
9:45am - Breaking of Bread.
11:00am - Ministry; Randy Amos
Please print this and share with your assembly, we would love to see you here. We will make accommodations for all who would like to come. Some in homes, or if you prefer, Motel in Butler. Email jamsbonr@millry.net or call 251-843-5734, home; Cell 205-4571611