Thursday, July 17, 2008

Brookings, SD Update 7/17/08

From Larry Sax:

Dear Saints,

Please continue to pray for the working of the Lord in people's hearts in Brookings, SD. We thank our Lord for all the good opportunities he has provided for the gospel thus far.

Last week we studied Haggai and considered the direction from the Lord to "build my temple". This week we are seeking to see "living stones" added to the building of God. We had a few good days of gospel work and the Lord has provided excellent opportunities for the gospel. We prayed for the Lord's preparation of hearts and situations for the presentation of the gospel. This prayer has been answered. We are encountering many people who have recent situations that are causing them to consider eternity. Thus far 15+ people who have voiced interest in being part of a Bible study. The crew of workers here is not that large (~20-25), but the Lord is at work. We trust the Lord will allow us to be involved in the planting, watering, harvesting, encouraging and restoring process during the next few weeks and beyond. Yesterday was an especially good day with almost every group having two or more solid contacts that will require follow up visitations.

Kid's Club -
Fourteen children were at kid's club yesterday. Mrs. Moffitt is doing a five part gospel series during the week. Please pray for conviction of sin, salvation of souls, and lack of distractions. Some of the children who are attending were at the Good News Club during the school year and others are new.
Please pray for the kid's club that will occur next week also.

The following people appear to be very close to placing their trust in Christ and are considering the gospel message.
Isaac, Josh, Trevor, Jack, Amy, Marie.

Pray for salvation and more contact for the following people
Andrea - mother of four who read the information in the gospel packet.
Brad - was the first person at the home of a young boy who died a week ago. Pray for his salvation.
Troy - heard the gospel and was willing to have another visit.
Josh - very interested reading material that will convince him the God is real and the Bible is true. Pray for his salvation
George - Catholic man who is interested in the gospel message.
Tyson - young boy who is interested in the gospel.
Josh - interested in having someone stop back to visit.
Terry - did not have time, but wants someone to talk with him more about the gospel. He read the packet and agreed with it.
Kevin - an agnostic who was given "In Search of God" book.
Sarah & Ray - wife wants us to stop back when her husband is around. She wants him to hear the message also.
Yung & Lilly - Chinese couple new to the US.
Angela - pray for salvation
Tammy - she knows she is going to hell and is willing to talk more. Pray that we will be able to find her at home.
Spike - an engineer who does not believe the Bible. He needs proof. Pray for him as he reads "In Search of God"

Believers needing encouragement
Peggy Sue -
Yolanda - dealing with struggles in her life. Pray for more contact.
Zach - agree to a Bible study with Judah

Please be praying for continued energy, encouragement, unity and glorification of the Lord. Also, be praying for evening meetings that will occur July 22-24th. The gospel will be presented against the backdrop of trials and sufferings in life.

In Him,
The Brookings Outreach crew

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