Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cattle Congress outreach Sept 18-21

This prayer request comes from the Collins in Waterloo, Iowa who meet with the saints at Bethany Bible Chapel in Cedar Falls.
Please pray for the effort at the National Cattle Congress again this year. Cattle Congress is our local fair which will run Sept 18th through the 21st. We usually offer a baggie with tracts, a pen or magnet with a verse on them and a cookie. This year we are also including a card offering them individual Bible studies or small group Bible studies if they are uncomfortable going to an assembly building and have questions about the Bible.
As per usual when doing something for the Lord, Satan does his best to hinder. There have been typing errors that have to be corrected and other things that have to be attended to that take up valuable time in getting ready for this project. Our prayer is that hearts will be prepared to receive the message, and that there will be a response to the offer of Bible studies.
We are also praying that the Lord will give us the necessary freedom from Satanic meddling so we can compete this without further complications. We are also praying for needed help so that the booth can be manned effectively. We are preparing about 1500 baggies. We valued your prayer last year and would again appreciate you partnering with us in prayer for this outreach.
Bruce Collins, Waterloo, IA

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