Sunday, March 30, 2008

Prayer Request

We received today this news through brother George Khalil, an elder in the assembly in Nazareth.

Dear friends

I received some very disturbing bad news this morning from Suhad: Fuad Nabil Ayyad, a member of the Christian community in Gaza, was kidnapped by an unknown group from Palestine Square in the center of Gaza City yesterday. An unknown group also tried to kidnap Fuad's father before last Christmas, but he got away. His father is the second cousin of our dear martyr Rami.

Let us surround Fuad, his family and friends with prayers. Pray for his safe return, and that he will not be harmed in any way. Pray also that God will fulfill all the needs the family has in this very difficult situation.

And pray for the whole small, struggling Christian community in Gaza. The light of Christ is needed more than ever in Gaza, a place that seem to grow darker and darker. Let's pray that the life-changing Light of the world will shine brighter and brighter in this very troubled region, into the hearts of more and more people that now are living in deep despair.


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