Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ken & Joyce Hardisty update

Here are a few excerpts from Ken & Joyce Hardisty's blog regarding Joyce's health situation. These are listed chronologically so we can catch up on the progression of information. You can read up on their ministry at

March 3 - "Greetings to you all. We had to make a run to Manila this past week as Joyce had developed a bit of a problem and we had to visit with the doctors. The biopsy was negative, for which we praise the Lord, but she will still require some surgery in the next few weeks. We will be calling the doctor today for results from further tests, and for the scheduling of her surgery."

March 10 - "Please continue to pray for Joyce. Evidently the doctors have seen in her mammogram and ultra sound something they did not like. So although the first problem has been resolved we are now looking at another. We will need to make another trip to Manila in the next couple of weeks and Joyce will be admitted into the hospital for some more extensive testing. Please keep her in your prayers."

March 21 - "We head down to Manila on Monday [3/24] for Joyce’s procedure and biopsy. Please keep her in your prayers. Whatever the outcome of the biopsy we know the faithfulness of our Lord. Pray for safety as we travel, and for wisdom for the doctors. We will send along another update when we have further information regarding Joyce."

April 8 - "Joyce is doing well. The pathology department at the hospital in Manila needed to do further testing on the mass removed a couple of weeks ago as the tests they concluded were deemed inconclusive. So we are still in the waiting period. Continue to pray that the mass will be benign. But our faith and trust is in the wisdom of one greater than us, so we will trust in Him whatever may come. Love to you all, and thanks you so much for your prayers."

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