Monday, September 14, 2009

We Would Remember Thee

Lord Jesus Christ, we would remember Thee,
As on the table, we the emblems see;
Thy holy body, shadowed in the bread,
The precious blood is in the cup portrayed.

Lord, we adore Thee for Thy matchless grace,
That Thou, for us, didst take the servant's place;
From Godhead's glory, to the shameful tree,
From wealth, so vast, to abject poverty!

O, Lamb of God, we join to bless Thy name,
That Thou, on Calv'ry, bore our sin and shame;
And, by Thy death, didst put our guilt away,
Triumphant rose, our night to turn to day.

We see Thee now, at God's right hand enthroned,
Vested with honor, and with glory crowned;
Blessed Redeemer, Savior, Lord, to Thee
Be all the glory, pow'r and majesty! - A. P. Gibbs

The link below is the tune to this hymn -

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