Saturday, May 24, 2008

Many of you may have heard of the Cross Canada Cruisers. A group of men are taking the gospel from shore to shore (actually two teams starting at each end of the country and meeting in Ontario) in old classic cars. Here is a first report...(Be sure to park your mouse at their website
"Greetings in the name of our Father through our Lord Jesus Christ, I arrived to Vancouver BC this past saturday. From there I took one of the BC ferries across to Victoria Island. The view from the ferry was honestly one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. This week we are being taught the book of Romans by John Allen, and we are working with Tim Hood in our outreach. We have our teaching on Romans at the assembly out here (Westview Gospel Chapel) every morning. The first major outreach was had was the Victorian Day parade. I was again amazed at the ability these classic cars have and their ability to 'attract' a crowd. Especially the '56 Mercury Montclair with glass packed dual mufflers, that I have been privileged to drive :-) The parade lasted about 4 hours, and we were able to distribute just shy of 6000 'World's Biggest Lie' CDs. Many of the people that received the CD's were appreciative and polite, and nobody really gave us any opposition. Tuesday night we went downtown Victoria to the parliament buildings. I ended up talking to a couple by the name of Mike and Nicole for about 45 mins about spiritual things. Pray for Mike and Nicole. They are very interested, but are still somewhat resistant to God's perfect plan of salvation. This Friday and Saturday we will be going down by the water to watch and witness at a boat race. We plan to park the cars right on the dock, and allow people to come and check out the cars, while trying to work the gospel into the conversations. Pray for the hearts of these people, most people are very receptive to talk to us, but when we turn the conversation to spiritual things, are usually quick to end it or leave. I would write more, but as you can see...I'm not very good at this whole letter writing thing,
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