Monday, May 19, 2008

Rosboroughs' China Update

From their e-mail...

Dear Praying Ones,
Quick update for you to let you know that (y)our prayers have been answered. We just received the next document we've been waiting for! But instead of it taking 9-17 weeks to receive it, it came in 3.5!! This is unprecedented! We've gained a new understanding of "God-speed" and are thanking Him for expediting our case. Please continue to pray for the last real hurdle, a Travel Approval which will allow us to buy our tickets and set our itinerary. It typically takes about 3 more weeks, with travel to follow 2-3 weeks after that. Add to that our two week trip in China, we would expect at this point to be home with John-Nathan [withheld] within 2 months!
With love,
Peter, Celinda, and Julianna

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