Sunday, November 18, 2007

Elliot Up-Date

From Grandmother Hughes:

Sunday, November 11, 2007 2:02 AM
Elliot Update

Dear Ones,

I am sorry for not updating everyone sooner concerning Elliot's condition. Days are packed with prayer, intercessions, supplications, work, grabbing a meal, trips running back and forth to the hospital, and waiting rooms. The week began with Elliot convalescing on sixth floor neonatal intensive care—the unit which takes care of the 'sicker' babies. We saw Elliot be taken from a heated bed to swaddled blankets, from IVs jaunting from his head to no IVs at all. He lost five ounces one night, but we had hopes of regaining that swiftly. His cardiologist counseled that the hole in the heart was not one that would mandate surgery (probably) and that he felt that he would do fine. Praise the Lord! The left lung began to open and to the best of our knowledge, he has all of his lungs working well. Another answered prayer! The orthopedist stated that it may be that they let his little thumb grow for about two years before they decide if they need to really do anything at all. The spinal ultrasound seemed okay although the column ran a little longer than usual—watch and see in six months. Elliot had a beautiful pink color and precious eyes. We began to think that healing had truly begun although we were cautious to continue to watch for any changes. Our prayer daily was that his little esophagus would grow. We received news Thursday night that Elliot would be transferred to the third floor intensive care (a step down unit) which assured us that he was doing much better.

I had planned to take my Saturday afternoon to update by e-mail, but received a call that Elliot was not doing well. We were off to the hospital speedily to find Josh and Angie with reddened eyes and trepidation as to the recent turn of events. They had noticed some wheezing earlier as well as a pale color. After some blood tests, they discovered his white blood count was inching upwards. He was still losing weight—about a half ounce a day. He just "looked" sick and was crying more. They moved him back to sixth floor ICU and took him off the regular feeding. They have the IV back in his head and he is back under the heat lamp. Virtually, he looks like he did a week ago. He looks pale and tired, but is still fighting like crazy. He grabs everyone's heart. We come by his bedside and talk to him and pray.

We covet your prayers. Some special things to pray for are:

1. The new "infection" will be quickly taken care of with the IV antibiotics. They should know soon what exactly the infections are—more than likely they lean to it being respiratory.

2. He will begin to gain weight. Our goal for waiting six weeks is for the esophagus to grow—he therefore needs to grow and put on weight.

3. The esophagus will grow---the preferable surgery is to use his own esophagus since it is muscle, but it must be where it will reach to attach to the stomach.

4. Josh and Angie---needed strength, both physical and spiritual—this is a lot for a young couple to go through---they look to their Father to help them through.

5. Hospital contacts—a wonderful place to talk of the Lord—may God give us opportunities and may we use the time wisely for His glory.

6. Grandparents---Randy and Nina in Kansas---very hard to be long distance—may the Lord carry through with added strength. Buddy and Jan—may we know exactly how we can help most—being sensitive to Josh and Angie's needs.

I suppose that a believer reads verses over and over in a lifetime, but it seems that when times like these happen, certain verses loom off the pages and strike right to the heart. Psalm 139:5 has been such a verse, "Thou hast beset me behind and before, and laid Thine hand upon me." We know God's loving hand is upon us and upon our dear Elliot for He is working in our hearts to serve Him to the praise of His glory.

Thank you everyone,

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