Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sudbury, ON Outreach

Sudbury, ON Outreach

Sudbury Bible Fellowship rented the main auditorium of the local science
center for an outreach a week ago with the title, "Are we Alone in the
Universe?" The invitations and advertising expanded on that title,
specifying that the evening was intended to help answer some of the crucial
questions concerning God and His plan. Jabe Nicholson was with us to bring
the message. He spoke for an hour and 15 minutes, addressing the Bible's
teaching on these issues, and that was followed by a brief break and then an
hour-long question & answer time.

We were very grateful for the turnout as approximately 100 unbelievers were
there for the evening. We were even more thankful that there was a great
deal of interest, as evidenced by their careful attention for the entire
time and also the fact that virtually nobody left early.

We would greatly value your prayers for the work of follow-up. Most of the
unbelievers who attended did so at the personal invitation of one of the
Christians, so we now have opportunity to meet and talk with them about what
they heard. This will require wisdom, grace, and boldness. Also, every
attendee received a gospel CD (Hope in the Storms of Life) and some gospel
literature. Please pray that these tools will find their way into many

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