Friday, November 30, 2007

Baby Elliot

Dear praying saints,

This was received from Elliot's grandmother, Jan Hughes:

Dear ones,

Thank you all once again for praying for our little Elliot. I will try to keep things as brief as possible:

Tuesday of this past week, Elliot received a Central Venous line (CVL -a tube out of his chest) which will allow feeding intravenously rather than through the stomach. It seems the first surgery which placed a band around the fistula failed and stomach contents came up the trachea and into the lungs causing his recent pneumonia. He cannot receive mother's milk any more until after his big surgery.

Dr. Georgeson stated he is now convinced that the upper lobe of the left lung is non-functional and will need to be removed.

They now use the stomach tube to drain by gravity the gastric juices so they cannot go into the trachea and lungs.

After the CVL was placed, Elliot became more at ease and content, not showing the signs of pain as before. We were told that what he was going through (stomach contents going into the lungs) was very painful.

He finished his antibiotics (against pneumonia) yesterday.

Please pray:

Weight gain - Elliot lost three ounces the other day and the doctor is concerned. He needs to gain weight so the esophagus can grow. He did gain 1.5 ounces last night and a dietician is to be called tomorrow to begin assisting the doctor with a nutrition protocol.

Pray that the intravenous feedings will not overly stress major organs especially the liver as it tries to metabolize the nutrients.

Pray the pneumonia will not come back since he is now off antibiotics.

Pray for perfect timing for the surgery - the doctor says he will not do surgery until the esophagus is long enough - he still needs about three centimeters.

Thanksgiving - we have been so blessed to see Elliot more peaceful this week - Josh and Angie are now able to hold him which helps both parents and child. He also is now off nasal oxygen - doing fine on room air.

Continued contacts at the hospital - Buddy was able to speak to a Chinese man whose son was critically ill. "Di" really seemed to appreciate our prayers for his son - Buddy hopes to have further contact with him.

Nurses - we see such a need for circumspect nurses. We have been blessed for the most part, but it only takes one to make things go haywire. We pray also for our testimony to them and that we may speak a word in season.

Thank you all again - I could never say it enough. We thank God for each and everyone of you.


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