Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Prayer Request

This prayer request was received this morning from Sid and Karen Halsband in

Dear friends

Just a quick note to ask for prayer. Last night at the early hours of the
morning 4 men broke into our house. They entered our bedroom where Karen
and I were sleeping. They told us "we know you are people of God and we
don't want to hurt you".

We were told to cover our heads with the blanket, while demanding where our
money was and our safe. We told them we had no safe but our money was in
our wallets. Two men kept harassing us in the bedroom while the other two
went through the house looking for valuables.

We started to pray under the covers while they went about their business.
The whole ordeal lasted about 45 minutes then they left. That's when we were
able to alert the police. They took 2 lap tops, two cell phones, two
digital cameras as well as a number of other inexpensive things. We thank
the Lord that they did not harm us. The police have been here most of the

We don't care so much about the things that were stolen but the fact that
four men violated the sanctity and privacy of our bedroom is what is hardest
to cope with. Brethren pray for us!

In the Master's service,

Sid and Karen Halsband

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