Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Baby Elliot Up-Date

We have received this update regarding little Elliot Hughes from brother Scott Leach, an elder at the assembly where Josh and Angie Hughes are in fellowship.

Thank you for praying for little Elliot. We were able to spend several hours with him and his parents last Tuesday, and saw Josh & Angie again last night. Elliot is now about 8 pounds, 6 weeks after birth (10/31/07).

Elliot's surgeon has determined to attempt to connect the unattached parts of the esophagus the first week in January. They will also remove the upper lobe of his left lung, which has been collapsed and non-functional since birth. There is some concern that the two parts of the esophagus will not have grown enough to attach to each other. There are several options then,
all of which would require more surgery, including using a portion of his colon to make up the gap between the two parts. The hope is the one surgery would be sufficient for now.

It will be a major surgery and they have told Angie & Josh that he will be a very sick little boy for a while after it. They will keep him very sedated for the first week afterward to keep him from crying or any other strenuous activity which would potentially undo the surgery. This is anxious news for the parents. They are leaning heavily on the Lord. They truly love their
little babe, and have spent all of their available time with him. They are presently staying at the Ronald McDonald house, just a few blocks away from the hospital. Josh has been able to work, but comes "home" to Birmingham as soon as he is off.

Your prayers for this dear couple and there little baby are much appreciated. While perfect health is our natural desire for Elliot, we do pray and ask according to the Lord's will for them all, and that His will would be accomplished in all of their lives.

Yours in HIM

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