Friday, December 14, 2007

Prayer Request for Bill McDonald

Dear saints

We have received word this morning that our beloved brother William MacDonald is in need of our prayers. Brother Jim McCarthy writes:

"Bill MacDonald had emergency surgery Sunday night for a hernia/entrapped bowel and is still in the intensive care unit. He has not recovered well. He has been on a blood thinner for several months to help him avoid clots and this has contributed to internal bleeding that has yet to stop. The doctors feel Bill is too fragile to go back into surgery and have been trying to stop the bleeding with clotting agents and transfusions. The last few days have been up and down. Bill wants to go to be with the Lord, as you would expect. Yesterday was his worst day, and we thought that might be the case. In the evening, he rallied some. Today will probably indicate best where things are headed."

We have been asked to pray for brother MacDonald's comfort at this time. Also for wisdom for those involved in making the medical decisions.

Brother McCarthy concludes:

"Despite all this, [brother MacDonald] is still caring for others, persevering without complaint, and testifying of the Lord to hospital staff."

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