Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bill McDonal Up-Date

We received this note yesterday evening from Jim McCarthy...

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ

Following hernia surgery on Sunday, December 9, Bill MacDonald had several difficult days. Internal bleeding was the primary problem. Thursday things turned for the better and the bleeding stopped. Bill had good days on Friday and Saturday and was moved out of the intensive care unit. He was talkative and was able to eat some soft food.

Sunday he became disorientated, probably due to exhaustion. Today he aspirated gastric fluids and had to be sedated to have his lungs pumped clean. He is now back in ICU. Tubes have been reinserted and he is breathing with the aid of oxygen. He will be sedated for the next two days. Pray for strength for Bill and wisdom for Don Robertson and Mary Rodriguez as they
organize his care and make healthcare decisions.

In Christ's love
Jim McCarthy

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