Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Samantha Kerr Up-Date

Date December 25, 2007

(Samantha is a cousin of Daniel Scott who was on the GNOM team last year.)

Beka Scott writes:

Samantha and Abby Kerr were driving home from their Christmas shopping on Friday the 14th. The roads were icy and a blizzard was blowing. A small truck in front of them spun off the road. Sam stopped and got out, thinking to help the driver. Suddenly the car behind them slid into her car with such a momentum that it kept going.

It smashed against Samantha and flipped her into the ditch opposite the first car. Sam's leg was pinched between this car and her car. But rather than being smashed, her leg merely popped open with the pressure - riping muscles and tendons and cleanly fracturing her leg. Her opposite leg was badly sprained and bruised.

On the passenger side, Abby, while hesitating within the car, was barely bruised. If she had stepped out she would have been killed judging by the velocity that the car had smashed into their car. In all, I think 5 cars were involved.

Samantha has had many small cleanings of the wound after a surgery inserting a pin sewing it up. She has two small sections where the skin is too thin to sew up, so she will need skin grafts. This morning they are doing surgery to remove the dead skin on her calf.

Now recovering, Sam is sitting up much more and has physiotherapists coming in to exercise both legs.

Although we are deeply disappointed that Sam will be in the hospital for Christmas, we are so glad she's still alive and healing. It could have been so much worse.

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